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Living in the Alhambra is a dream that only a few have fulfilled. Washington Irving (1783-1859) was one of the lucky ones.

Probably, you ask yourself who was he. Irvin was a writer who made a travel from Seville to Granada. Along this time, he was fascinated by the gastronomy, the landscapes and the remains of Arab civilization in the South of Spain. One of his most famous stories, “Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada”, was inspired by the flamenco, the culture and the traditions of this region.

On his second visit to Granada, he had the privilege of being hosted at the Alhambra as a guest of honour. Specifically, he occupied the El Prado area, near the Dos Hermanas room. The Patio de los Leones and the Salon de Embajadores were his favorite places to have breakfast. This experience was used to write “Tales of the Alhambra”. If you read it, you will find different stories and legends. Some of them are about Boabdil, but there are more.

After some time, thanks to its passion for Granada, Irvin became ambassador of the United States in Spain between 1842 and 1846.

Nowadays, Irvin is still remembered in Granada. If you visit the city, you may find a statute in the forest and a plaque in the Alhambra.

How to arrive:

Tourist train, stop 1: https://granada.city-tour.com/en/tourist-train-routes-granada/ruta-alhambra/alhambra-generalife

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