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Granada Crafts: Taracea, Fajalauza Ceramics and other techniques

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The streets of the Albaicín and the bazaar of the Alcaicería are the perfect place to buy products made by craftsmen from Granada. Unique pieces made by hand can be bought in the shops of the old Arab quarter.

Wood is a very valuable material not only for the manufacture of instruments but also for the decoration of taracea objects. Granada guitars – both classical and flamenco – are made by hand with different techniques of joinery, marquetry and varnishing. The technique of the taracea combines wood with nacre, ivory and silver to draw mosaics to decorate boxes, chests and tables.

Fajalauza ceramics is another of the hallmarks of Granada crafts. It has a clear Nasrid influence and it is used in the manufacturing of dishes, jugs and tiles with birds and other floral motifs in green and blue tones. The Occitan jar – known as jarra burladera or jarra de las pajaritas – is also decorated with flowers and animals. It is made of clay and modelled by hand.

In addition to wood, ceramics and clay, the craftsmen from Granada have also preserved the tradition of working with metal and glass. The best example are the glass lanterns with Moorish style.

Many tourists buy handicrafts of local production as a souvenir of Granada. They are quality products that reflect the influence of the different cultures that have lived in the city.

How to get to the Albaicín:

Stop No. 5, Alhambra Route:

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