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Federico García Lorca, the famous poet and dramatist, found in the wonderful city of Granada his source of inspiration and success. From Granada City Tour we make you a proposal to discover this author.

The Chikito restaurant in its origin was a bar called Alameda assiduously frequented by well-known intellectuals. There, Lorca read his first poems and gave anthological speeches. Lorca and his group of friends were known as ‘El Rinconcillo’ (the little corner) due to the place they sat down on the hall. If you want to go to this restaurant, which still preserves its original entry and structure, get off the bus at the stop 11 of our tour.

In calle Mesones, nowadays very crowded due to its commercial nature, we find as well a lot of history about Lorca. The famous character Agustina González López, also known as La Zapatera Prodigiosa, who Lorca used to stare during his route to school, lived at 5 calle Mesones. At 52 calle Mesones we find the printing house Ventura Traveset, the printing house that published Lorca’s first book in 1918. If you want to take a stroll around this historic street, get off at the stop 9.

The Alhambra Palace hotel preserves almost intact the ‘teatrito’ (little theatre) where Manuel de Falla and Federico García Lorca presented the first contest of ‘cante jondo’, a vocal flamenco style. The ‘teatrito’ has still 120 seats of capacity as before. Lorca performed for the first time in its stage in 1929 his play Mariana Pineda in a party that people say it lasted more than twenty-four hours. This great hotel is located at the stop 13 of the tour.

Moreover, from the 18th of July to the 26th of August do not miss the show ¡Oh Cuba! Federico García Lorca. ‘Son flamenco’ where poetry, music and dance will show the relation between Federico and the island. The play includes inedited texts that García Lorca left in Cuba, poems of his friends and other unique testimonials of colleagues and acquaintances. 

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