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  • 25 Jan 2018

    Gates of the Alhambra

    Categories: Monuments

    Throughout history, Granada has lived many battles between different cultures who wanted to get the control of the city. This is why the Alhambra, one of the highlights of the city, was totally ...

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  • 23 Aug 2017

    Albaicín, the oldest quarter in Granada

    Categories: Must-see

    The Albaicín is an old Arab quarter that covers the area located between the Alhambra ...

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  • 26 Jul 2017

    Federico García Lorca, a poet in Granada

    Categories: Must-see

    Federico García Lorca, the famous poet and dramatist, found in the wonderful city of Granada his source of inspiration and success. From Granada City ...

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  • 09 Jun 2017

    Feria de Granada

    Categories: Festivities

    From the 10th to the 17th of June, Granada dresses up to celebrate its most famous festivity, the Feria de Granada, also known as Corpus Cristi.

    Although other fairs in Andalusia are ...

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  • 22 May 2017

    Subterranean Granada

    Categories: Must-see

    Granada is famous for its monuments and constructions, legacy of the civilizations that were set in the city throughout history: Christians, Jews and Muslims. Result of this legacy, the city ...

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