City Tour FAQ's

  • General information

    How often do the trains pass by the stops? 

    The Granada City Tour trains run approximately every 20 minutes (day route) and every 45 minutes (night route).

    How long does each route take? 

    The Alhambra Daytime route lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes, and the City Centre Route - Nighttime lasts 60 minutes.

    Is it possible to get into the train at any stop, or should I go to the first stop in the route? 

    You can get on the train at any stop along the route.

    Can I get off the train and take it again later? 

    With our Hop-on Hop-off service, you can get on and off the train as often as you like during your ticket’s validity period. (The panoramic ticket does not offer this service).

    Is there anyone on board who can provide information on the service?

    The driver will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the service.

  • Tickets and points of sale

    Do I have to buy a ticket for each route? 

    The 1 or 2 day hop-on hop-off ticket is valid for both routes. The panoramic ticket panorámico is valid for a run without getting off the train. At the ticket office you can also buy a single ticket for the City Centre Route - Nighttime.

    Is the ticket valid for one day or for 24 hours?

    The ticket is good for calendar days.

    Where can I buy the tickets? 

    You can purchase tickets on the website, on the City Tour Worldwide mobile app, at the ticket office and at the various stops.

  • Issues

    I have already purchased my tickets, but I can't print the voucher, what can I do? 

    Remember that you can present the voucher on paper or show it through your mobile phone.

    When paying with my credit card, the system denies the operation, what can I do?

    You can make the purchase directly at the office or at the stops, but not at the price advertised on the website. If the problem persists and there is a problem with the website, you'll be given the chance to buy it at the website price.

    I’ve lost my ticket. What can I do?

    Unfortunately you must make a new purchase, since the lost ticket could have been used by someone else.

    I have made a purchase on the webpage/app but I am not sure if it has been processed correctly. How can I know it?

    If the transaction has been processed correctly, you will receive a confirmation via email. Anyway, if you have coverage problems, do not make the purchase more than once until you receive the confirmation.

    I have made a purchase on the webpage/app but I have not received the voucher. What do I have to do?

    If you make a purchase and do not receive any email with the vouchers attached, please, contact us in and we will send them to you.

  • Guidelines and service

    Can I bring a baby buggy on board?

    You can travel with a baby buggy as long as it's foldable.

    Do I have to bring my own headphones?

    You can buy the headphones in the same train for 1,50€. Or, if you wish, you can bring your own headphones and plug them in. 

    Are animals allowed on board?

    The only animals allowed on the Granada City Tour train are guide dogs.

    Do I enjoy priority boarding on the train if I’ve already purchased my ticket?

    No, the train is boarded in the order of arrival at the stop.

    Does the Granada City Tour have a mobile app?

    Yes, the Granada City Tour has a free app for iOS and Android.

    Is there the possibility of going on optional excursions?

    Yes, there are 6 optional excursions that may be booked at the destination.