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Visiting Hours

- Summer schedule (April- October)

From Monday to Saturday 10am- 2pm & 5pm-8pm.

Approximately 40 minutes

-  Winter Schedule (November- March)

From Monday to Saturday 10am- 5pm.

Approximately 40 minutes

About the bullring

After almost 100 years of history, Granada’s bullring, called La Monumental de Frascuelo, gives you the opportunity to explore it through our exclusive guided tours.

The visit starts at the gallery, where you will find authentic posters and historical tickets, real bull heads, unpublished pictures and a documentary of Granada´s bullfighting history.

Moreover, you will see a shopwindow specially dedicated to our grandiose bullfighter David Fandila “El Fandi”.

Coming up next, you will walk through “el callejón”, which is the corridor around the arena, offering you a panoramic view of the bullring.

The next stop will be the horse yard where you will discover the stables ( where the horses rest and are prepared before the bullfight)and the guadarnés (where the equipment used by the horses is kept).

One of the most important parts of the visit will be the next stop, the chapel, where you will find the patrones of Granada Nrta. Sra. De las Angustias, followed by the surgery room with original instruments and furniture. And last but not least, toriles, place reserved exclusively for the Bulls.